AHD Camera & DVR

AHD Camera & DVR

AHD Camera & DVR

Home Security  Surveillance  Cameras-NVR in 2018

Security is a vital part of our life; homeowners always secure their home in one way or another. Most common these days are surveillance and security cameras and alarm systems. Doorbell cameras are also fashionable RING is what I use, very affordable, even get notifications from other RING doorbell users in the area. Neighbors can share suspicious activity by sharing a video clip which loads fast because they are saved on their cloud server. Hiring a security guard is not practical or affordable for the common man. Surveillance systems provide better security, features and protect your home from theft robbery, criminal activities, and intruders.  Security cameras are of many types IP Cameras and HD-over coaxial cable. 4K resolution and wifi cameras also available, nanny cames and doorbell cameras getting popular and affordable. Amazon has a vast selection.

Security & Surveillance Cameras apps and remote viewing software

Analog cameras are discontinued, they are replaced with AHD, HD-CVI, HD-TVI, HD-SDI, EX-HD-SDI. *8MP camera is available in the market. Here is the issue or warning before you buy. If you purchased your DVR hybrid, tribrid, Pentaplex and all in one a few years ago or even few months this new 5MP, 6MP, and 8MP cameras might not work for you. If you are are buying the new pentabrid then all your old camera and new cameras they all will work.


Indoor Home Security Cameras

These security cameras are primarily installed indoor to keep an eye on your children, pets, and exotic jewel collection. There are various types of indoor home security cameras, wired and wireless. That connected with your home network and you can view images on your mobile phone pc through IP Network. IP Network cameras allow you to monitor your home and pets through the internet.


Outdoor Home Security Cameras

Outdoor home security cameras installed outside of your home, and they can monitor activities. Security cameras are connected to a DVR/NVR recording device, and video stored on a local hard drive. IP network wirelessly can be connected to a cloud server for a monthly fee and activities observed through online Apps. You can control your properties whether you are on vacation or sitting in your office.


Essential Features of best Security Cameras

The following are some crucial features of cameras that may help you in compare while deciding to buy security cameras.


Motion Detection

Motion detection cameras are susceptible; they send an alert notification to the owner when they detect any suspicious activities within their field of view.  Thus you can monitor the situations of the questionable actions and protect your properties against intruders.


Two-way audio

This feature is helpful; you can speak to the person in the view of the camera remotely through an APP on the phone or a CMS(central management software) using your PC/Laptop

Like someone watching your baby can be instructed, talking to your elderly parents/grandparents. These help you give them company remotely.


PTZ- pan-tilt-zoom cameras

A static camera can cover a small area of view, but a camera that can rotate on its point and that can tilt may be smart covers larger area than the static camera. This type of security camera reduces the number of cameras needed to monitor a particular area, and you can monitor a large area with a single camera this also reduces the total installation costs.


Resolution 4K, 1080P, 8MP, 12MP

Higher resolution means better image quality; resolution defines by the number of pixels; more pixel means clear image, the decision becomes necessary when you are trying to identify a face or things in the pictures. When you are trying to zoom a lower resolution image, it gets blurry.


Area of view

The angle of view refers to the range of camera's viewing/recording, every camera has its rage of view. And it is an essential aspect because it defines how many cameras you will need to install in a particular area. A rotating camera may cover four times more range than a fixed camera can cover. Most common wide fixed angle for the 5MP camera is 2.8mm lens in a dome.


Infrared or matrix IR Night Vision


If you want to see in low light or no light, you should look for cameras with Infrared or matrix IR. Starlight cameras are sometimes better the IR camera; the starlight chip can produce a color picture with very little light at night.



A camera with a built-in microphone is a good idea if you need to record audio. Especially useful if training people or trying to improve customer service for a business. If you don’t pay your employees enough, you can listen to what they have to say about you. Please check your local laws, recording audio without someone's permission might be illegal. Posting a Sign is required in California.


Wi-Fi Capability

A Cameras with Wi-Fi capability can be used to connect to your NVR or cloud through your local internet. Don’t forget to change the password and update the firmware. Some sneaky people could be watching you without your knowledge. Make sure you have the master password. Never keep your financial and security password the same. Words with random numbers and letters with few special characters like @% is a good idea.



Cost is a significant factor in every purchase decisions if a camera cost is substantial and above your expectation then you may need to revise your choice to purchase. Thus the price of cameras must be affordable, and quality should be better.

LTN7616 Platinum Hybrid 16 Channel DVR

LTN7616 Platinum Hybrid 16 Channel DVR

Model: LTN7616 | Brand: LTS

Third-party network cameras supported Up to 5 Megapixels resolution recording HDMI and VGA output ..

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