Manual Iris Varifocal

Manual Iris Varifocal

manual-iris-varifocal, 2.8-10mm Manual-Iris Varifocal, 3.5-8mm Manual-Iris Varifocal, 8mm Fixed Manual Iris, 8mm Fixed Standard Lens, 3.5-8mm Manual-Iris Varifocal, 5-100mm HIGH ZOOM Lens, 6-15mm Manual-Iris Varifocal

The LM TP 615VF lens provides a standard angle. By using a precise crafted vari-focal 6.0mm to 15mm, which gives you a great flexibility for your security installations. With manual-iris, this lens can be adjusted to the perfect setting for your lighting conditions. The LM TP 615VF provides a F1.4 bright aperture to help you to get a better and cleaner picture quality.

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CMP-H3Z4512CS-IR Computar 1/2

CMP-H3Z4512CS-IR Computar 1/2" 4.5-12mm/ F1.2, Day/Night IR Manual Iris Varifocal Lens

Model: CMP-H3Z4512CS-IR | Brand: Computar


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CMP-T5Z8513CS-IR Computar 1/3

CMP-T5Z8513CS-IR Computar 1/3" 8.5-40mm/ F1.3, Day/Night IR Varifocal Lens

Model: CMP-T5Z8513CS-IR | Brand: Computar


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