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Analog camera is slowly disappearing from the market, very few Analog cameras are available in the market because no one is manufacturing them anymore. There are a lot of people still looking for Analog cameras because there are billions of Analog DVR’s still being used. The customer is not willing to through away something which is still working.  There are few other problems some HD DVR or NVR do not have BNC output. POS interface from VSI or some others still requires an Analog input. Some TV’s do not support HD input. The customer is still reluctant to change their whole system. We still have a lot of Analog cameras like the 700TVL available. Samsung and Digital Watchdog still have Analog cameras which are selling for more than HD cameras. We have perfect solution for people 4 in 1 cameras

Top 10 best security cameras in 2016 Most of the data or research you find is old and outdated. Bob Davis wrote this on September 11, 2016, and it will frequently be updated. Two kinds of security cameras now IP camera and coaxial cable cameras. In coaxial cable like the BNC connector types, there are  4 in 1 cameras- supports AHD, HD-CVI, HD-TVI and Analog. Use the button on the camera cable to change to AHD, HD-CVI, HD-TVI or Analog. In this category, we love the 2.8mm to 12mm varifocal motorized lens camera for under $60 from www.dvrunlimited.com with built-in matrix IR for night vision. Metal body can be used indoor or outdoor. Install on the wall or ceiling. Use the J-box if needed to hide connector and cable. www.dvrunlimited.com also has a 4 in 1 camera for under $30. Fixed lens 24 IR metal body weatherproof.

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OEM-CM1192-POS-OW 1/3" SONY Double Scan  800TVL Super WDR

OEM-CM1192-POS-OW 1/3" SONY Double Scan 800TVL Super WDR

Model: OEM-CM1192-POS-OW | Brand: OEM-OW

> 1/3" SONY Double Scan CCD> 800TVL Super WDR> 0 Lux (IR ON)> DC12V/AC24V dual power des..

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