What is AHD

What is AHD system?
AHD means analog high definition. AHD technology is able to realize long distance on a transmission line (500 meters) HD video signal reliable transmission based on the existing analog; The adoption of advanced Y/C signal separation and analog filtering technology can effectively reduce the color noise on high frequency area with better real images. Compared to traditional analog HD product, AHD monitor image quality has a qualitative leap and ascension.
AHD is a tech of HD/FullHD video, audio and control signal transmission via a regular coax cable at the distance of 500 m without any latencies and losses. NEXTCHIP – is the famous Korean company, developedAHD tech, whose production applies in video recorders and video cameras of the most of manufacturers of video surveillance systems.

They require same cable like an Analog system 
BNC connectors
coaxial cable.

AHD cameras are now available in 1080P at very low prices from us.